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Mos-lab works on a new project : RSF kobol expander clone. The first prototype is functional. A second prototyte is in the planning stage with optimizations of the potentiometer PCB mounting, and a few electronical optimizations.

The release is scheduled for the end of this year (2014). The price is not definitely set but should be in the range 2500 to 3000 Euros. A waiting list will be created about June.Only small series will be built each year.


Compared to the original Kobol Expander I, the voltage processor has been removed from the clone, and replaced by a second CV LFO.  

In the original Kobol Expander the filter was based on a SSM2040 integrated circuit, and the VC-ADS was based on a SSM2050.

In our clone, we use the Hearn Morley HM2040 OEM recreation of the SSM2040, and the results compared with the original IC are impressive !

The new ADS was designed by Yves Usson in order to match the SSM2050 characteristics and specifications. All the rest is rebuilt according to the RSF schematics.

The Kobol module will be available as a 8U MU format module or in a 5U rack enclosure. 

Kobol Expander 3 - 5U rack version : 2300€

Kobol Expander 3 - 8U Moog module unit version for DOTCOM compatible system : 1900€

Power : +15V@170mA, -15V@110mA